Reciprocal Memberships

Reciprocal Organizations

Arizona Power Exchange Corporation may enter into reciprocity agreements with other like-minded organizations in order to facilitate the participation of individuals at APEX events and for APEX members to attend the reciprocal organization’s events.


Qualifications for Reciprocity

Per Section 3.1 of the Arizona Power Exchange Corporate Policy:
In order to qualify as a reciprocal organization, the organization shall be like-minded in that it supports the B/D, S/M, D/s mindset and conducts events that further the participation, support, socialization and education related to the lifestyle.

The reciprocal organization shall only limit membership to individuals 18 years of age or older.

The organization shall not discriminate based upon race, age (other than a minimum age of 18 years old), gender, sexual orientation, kink, fetish or religion, or nationality.

The organization must have an established membership and hold, on a regular basis, events open to its general membership and APEX members.

Those organizations must have a permanent physical space where their education, support, and social events are held.

Those organizations must have a similar structure that is conducive to community education, support, and social opportunities.

The organization must accept any APEX Member in good standing that wishes to attend any event that is open to the general membership of the reciprocal organization.

The organization must have similar membership requirements, including orientation.

The organization must have a similar not-for-profit structure.

The Executive Committee must approve the organization’s Reciprocity Agreement with a majority vote.

The organization must provide APEX a letter of reciprocity on the organization’s letterhead with a copy of the organization’s official membership card attached.

If those Membership cards change, the organization will send updated communications.

The organization must agree to the terms of the APEX reciprocity agreement.

Reciprocity Benefits:

APEX members shall be able to attend the reciprocal organization’s events upon payment of admission fees and execution of appropriate waivers and confidentiality agreements.

APEX shall allow the reciprocal organization’s members to attend APEX events upon payment of admission fees and execution of appropriate waivers and confidentiality agreements.

Orientation and other membership requirements shall be waived.

Requirements for Admission:

APEX has a few reciprocal membership agreements with various clubs around the U.S. These benefits are only afforded to the card-holding member. Guests or +1’s are not permitted under a Reciprocal Agreement regardless of the membership rules of the reciprocal organization.

In order to attend an APEX event under the reciprocity agreement, the individual must present his/her membership card of the reciprocal organization to the Door Volunteer. (We cannot let other clubs “vouch” for you. We need to have a physical card)

Government issued ID which includes a birthdate

The membership card will be compared with the example provided by the reciprocal organization for authenticity and include the member’s legal name (First Name and Last Initial at minimum) to be verified against their ID, as well as an expiration date that is current.

Pay the “Pay Per Event” entrance fee listed on the event.

The reciprocal member shall follow APEX’s Rules of Conduct, as if he/she were a member. Each person must sign off to Informed Consent, Legal Liability, and the APEX rules before entering.

You will be given a tour if this is your first visit.

Again, your card only allows your entrance. Reciprocal Members can not bring guests.

While we do not require an orientation, often it makes people feel more comfortable. Please don’t hesitate to ask to see the video when you arrive.

The reciprocal organization must have a fully executed Reciprocal Agreement of file.

Note: Each organization retains the right to deny admission to any individual that it has previously prohibited attendance, membership, or participation at the host organization.

Effective date May 1, 2002.

Organizations Who Currently Have Reciprocity Agreements with APEX: 1 May, 2015

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