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Existing Volunteers click the link below here to sign up for our Volunteer Information Center, Please use your scene name or first name only as it will display on the calendar.

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Volunteer Login APEX staff is entirely Volunteer Based. No one collects a salary, and every penny APEX makes goes right back to the club.
As we approach , and APEX stretches it’s legs, we need lots of help to make it all happen.
Whatever it is you want to do, or you are passionate about, your voice and your work is valuable. 

Please use your scene name or first name only as it will display on the calendar.

Below is a description of our committees and a volunteer form so you can be a part of your club! In each committee are a number of coordinators, and your chair can help you find the best fit for you! 

Volunteer Interst Form Audio Visual and Technology Committee
These amazing folks keep all the technology running at APEX. From lights and projectors to computers and Virtual Class setups, this team keeps us running and making APEX events happen!

Education Core and Specialty programming that makes APEX the premier education venue in Arizona.

The Education Committee
Programs and staffs events to bring APEX Membership quality events.

Marketing Committee
Brand marketing, event marketing, promotion, and engagement and social media are all important functions at APEX. Our Marketing Committee keeps us on track and on message.

Member Experience Committee
Door Volunteers, Dungeon Monitor Volunteers, Membership, and Volunteer Coordination is all under Member Experience. This committee encompasses most of the public-facing volunteers.

Operations and Logistics Committee
Space maintenance, space improvement, furniture, supplies, and all of the long list of functions that keeps our space running and spectacular for our Members. Social Opportunities Committee Social events like parties, theme parties, specialty parties, Hosted play space, non-play social activities, party hosts, and decorating are all born in the Social Committee. Join us to share in the joy that is our social activities at APEX.
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