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APEX Monday Night Class: Nudism, Exhibitionism, and Flashing
Monday, February 26, 2024, 07:15pm - 09:30pm
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Nudism, Exhibitionism, and Flashing: Breaking down some of the similarities and differences

In this class we will review the classic definitions of “nudists”, exhibitionists, and flashers and take a deeper look into the real-world examples. We will also discuss some of the differences between them as well as some of the similarities and overlaps between the groups. We will also review some of the cultural stigmas associated with these lifestyle choices. The class will wrap up with addressing consent. 

About Woody:

Woody is an unabashed exhibitionist who was born and raised conservatively in Arizona.  He had exhibitionistic tendencies since a child, but rarely acted on it due to lack of recognizing and embracing it.  In 2017 Woody discovered his kink after many years of not acknowledging it.  Woody can now be seen frequently exhibiting at APEX or other accommodating venues whenever possible and enjoys educating people about exhibitionism. In the default world Woody is an IT professional for a Fortune 500 company, so he still lives a very vanilla life in the oppression of the judgmental conservative world when he’s not exploring his kink. 

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